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Week 4: Adventure Creator

Nov 9, 2020 | 0 comments

Today I started classes for the Interactive Storytelling program at Uppsala University. This (storytelling) is one of the fields I really need to improve as a game maker, so I hope this to be especially helpful and inspiring. This is also the reason why this last sprint has been so short (4 days) as I had to delay the story writing of the game a little, so I can start working on it in parallel with the course -as I explained in the previous post.

Therefore, this short sprint has been great to work on other things that I had planned for later. Some of these things are the kind of tasks that won’t necessarily bring short-term value, but they didn’t require a lot of my creativity, so it was perfect to give me a break in that sense and advance some boring -and not so boring- stuff.

So this is what week (or sprint) #4 has brought:

💌  Newsletter setup: Now I can send emails from WordPress about news and updates.

💬  Comments update: Blog comments are now open to every visitor.

🍪  Cookie Policy setup: I know it wasn’t the most expected feature, but now you can change your cookie settings -as you like- as you will see in the annoying (but mandatory) panel popping up in your screen.

👤  Profile settings link:  This one was quick. You can easily access now to your profile page (and log in to this website) from the “My profile” link added to the footer.

🚂  Unity and Adventure Creator setup: The game engine is ready to go!

The definitive tool for Adventure Creators.

📋This week: I hope to be very creative and productive since my plan is to finish a first draft of the story by the end of this week (yes, I’ve already chosen one). It’s not a big thing, but this draft will also include the character(s) bible and a world map (map of locations/rooms).

💾  Play the prototype and follow the development of The Campsite on!


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