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Week 11: Christmas, Third Act & Prototype Ready!

Dec 29, 2020 | 0 comments

Like a Santa’s Elf, I’ve been working hard during this Christmas to deliver a very special gift to you. A brand new Point-and-Click Adventure Game for you to try! This is an unfinished product still, made from mockups, provisional assets and other stock media. But this is the core of what you’ll find in the final game, once the art, music and the final UI and story will be completed. In fact, there is no title for this game yet, but everything will come at the right time.

Therefore, with this first fully playable prototype, you’ll have the chance to play the game from beginning to end. You’ll get to know the characters, solve all the puzzles, uncover the full story… And the most important: tell me what you think about!

Test, test and test!

This is time to challenge the game, find its flaws and areas of improvement, its strengths, its weaknesses… so I can try to fix them all. This is an iterative process with a simple goal: improve the core of the game as much as possible, before moving forward and invest more time on it.

Any problem detected now, it’s much easier -and quicker- to fix than doing it later, once the final art is done. So, don’t be afraid to tell what you think about, it won’t hurt my feelings but help me to save a lot of work, even if it’s good or not that good.

And this is what week #11 brought us…

Third Act has been completed. This is where you are supposed to find the climax, connect the dots and end up wanting for more. But bear in mind this is a prototype, so you’ll have to wait to get the full experience yet. I’ve tested the game myself several times, and Vaida has already played it too so I had the chance to detect a first bunch of issues, fix the most critical ones and fix all the bugs detected so far. Therefore, I believe you’ll get a decent version of the game already, so you can focus on what’s important.

This is not CGI.

📋 This week: As I just mentioned before, time has come to test the game. So, I will prepare a testing plan for the following days, which will consist on a series of small sprints with a monitored testing session on each, one tester at a time.

If you would like to volunteer as a tester, you can either leave a comment here, on Discord 💬 or contact me directly. Thanks! 😊

💾  Play the prototype and follow the development of The Campsite on!


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