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Week 10: Second Act

Dec 29, 2020 | 0 comments

This post comes with delay -two weeks actually- but I decided to postpone it as I was struggling a bit with time, but don’t get me wrong. Everything is progressing adequately -even better than I expected- but deadlines are close and I wanted to push myself a bit more to finish the prototype a week or two earlier. The goal is to gain time in order to arrive to the last sprint as lighter as possible.

We are at a stage were progress is so tangible, that I could write a new post almost every day. There’s so much to share… But the pace is hectic and I find it very difficult to find the time. So, this is going to be like a big snowfall overnight: You go to sleep, and when you wake up, the landscape has magically changed in a blink of an eye!

So this is what week #10 brought us…

As planned, the goal for this week was to complete Act II, and despite this is the central part of the game -where most of the action happens- it was quicker compared to the first act, as most of the assets and scenarios were already created. This is when I reached the “cruising speed” and productivity levels were at the top.

Following the traditional three-act structure, I tried to cover the rising action within this act, where the players will attempt to resolve the problem/goal initiated in the first turning point, while following a series of challenges, conflicts and worsening situations which will try to prevent them to succeed on their mission. This is also where the character development -or character arc- takes place, so you will have the chance to meet the characters, their personalities and relationships in more depth.

 This is self explanatory…

📋 Week #11: After completing the biggest chunk of the game (Act II), I will face the challenge of finishing the third act and the whole prototype during the busiest period of the year: Christmas.

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