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Week 1: Blog, Market Research & Business Model Canvas

Oct 19, 2020 | 0 comments

This is not the first week actually -but so far, I’ve just been attending to lectures, working on assignments, and so on. However, this is the first one I’ve been working on the project itself.

It means that I have a plan already: I’ve scheduled several milestones to make sure I’ll be able to deliver on time. But this is just to have a rough idea of the amount of work involved and where to start with. Therefore, this plan is going to be evolving during the process of creating this game.

Regarding this blog, the idea is to share a retrospective of the work done on a weekly basis, as well as commenting on following steps. I expect this to be short and concise and I might come up with other posts in between, asking for feedback and else.

Ok. Let’s see what I’ve been up to during this first week:

Blog setup

As I said in the first post, I wanted to share the process of creating this game from the very beginning. So, setting up this blog was the first thing I had to deal with. In order to do so, I just copied the structure of the About section from my personal website and I customize it a little bit. I wanted to invest the minimum effort, as I expect this site to be evolving on demand.

Market research (identify niches)

This was something I started to do while working on my assignments, but I wanted to gather all the data obtained so far, dig a big deeper, and put it all in one place so I can see the whole picture easily. I’m using Miro for this purpose as I can create a virtual board and fill it up with stickers all over (and much more). I already had some market niches identified where I believe it would be easier to reach an audience for the game, so I started collecting relevant data in order to challenge these hypotheses. In addition, I started collecting some metrics from other competitors and media. This will give me a very rough (but quick) idea of the size of the market.

Business Model Canvas

Finally, despite that finding the right business model for the game it’s something that I will explore in depth later, I though it would be good idea to start shaping the model already. I think it’s important to start figuring out these things from an early stage and it will help me to understand better the different parts involved and define a clearer and more consistent strategy.

Next week: Some of you will hear from me as I will start doing some user research 🤓

💾  Play the prototype and follow the development of The Campsite on!


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