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This is the development diary for my new project at Uppsala University, a new game I will we working on during the following months and which I have to figure out many things yet (e.g. the name of this game).

The plan is to post here at least every week for the duration of the project, taking you through its development process from the very beginning. So, I will be sharing with you thoughts and ideas, drafts, sketches, prototypes and many other stuff it might be interesting to share.

And, of course, I’d love to get your feedback too! But I have to figure out still which channel would work best for this (I’ll write a post about it, soon).

For now, let’s get this thing started!

Note: The name of this blog is provisional too -I hope I can come up with something fancier and/or more original- but it will do the job for now. The key point is starting to share stuff as soon as possible as this is a development diary, and development has already started. Yay!