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We all know this mantra: Think big, dream big.

It encourages us to be open-minded, creative and positive regarding our future. An invitation to dream and visualize what we can achieve, without limits.

In other words: It’s a mindset, a way of seeing things that conditions our attitude towards life.

That’s great. So, what?

I was reading this book last month, as a mandatory read at University. A bit old, but it showed me a different point of view. Or even better, a complementary one.

It’s a good book to read, aimed to software developers with an entrepreneurial mindset, but it contains pills of wisdom that overcome its main purpose: launching a startup. However, I have to say that if your goal is becoming rich by making the world a better place with a revolutionary idea, it might disappoint you – or it might make you change your mind, or neither one thing nor the other… or both!

In any case, try to repeat this mantra for a while:

Start small, stay small…

And then, let’s see what happens.

It might sound less exciting, like putting limits to your dreams. But remember: less is more.

This is how things normally WORK.

P.S. Thanks to Adam Mayes and Håkan Mattsson at Uppsala University for this mandatory reading.