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Flash website commissioned by the British Neo-Soul artist Clarke. The site was created as a part of a marketing campaign run at Abacus Media Group (Manchester, UK).

Project details

Client: Clarke
Date: 07.05.2009
Skills: Web Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Multimedia and Interactive Media

A major project

The aim of this project was to promote the LP released by Clarke in 2009 called “The Measure of My Worth” and it recreates an Airport where the audience can fly to different destinations in order to discover the tracks included in the album. The “passengers” can also walk arround the airport and discover other secrets and features hidden in the dutty free area.

The level of detail shown in this work, including small animations and a its game-like look and feel was the leitmotiv of the site, attracting users to discover the world contained inside.

The scenaries where created using 3D graphics (Maxon Cinema 4D) and textures were created using Photoshop. Finally it was layed out, animated and programmed in Adobe Flash.

Click here to visit the Beta version of the site.