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Nov 30, 2020 | 0 comments

For those having a Discord account, I have created a server for this Development Diary where I will publish all the posts and other relevant material. You can use this channel to leave your comments as well, as the idea is to make this process more open and participative. The link with the invitation to the Discord server is available from the social media section in my profile page (About), but I will also include a direct link to Discord in every post.

Everything will be published on #general, so all the activity and comments will be held on this channel. In addition, I have created a second channel (with comments disabled) called #archive where you’ll find a repository of all posts published, so they are easier to access and don’t get lost between comment and comment.

If you don’t have a Discord account and you’d like to participate, just click on the invitation link and follow the steps to create your own.

I hope to see you there!!

💾  Play the prototype and follow the development of The Campsite on!


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