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I could start this post telling you a story, that working on this project is a childhood dream come true, and blah blah… but let’s get to the point!

This is going to be a journey through the process of creating a Point and Click Adventure Game.

Cool right? no? yes?

In any case, don’t expect this to be a super production. It’s a very modest project made by a solo member, but I will stick to something handleable, feasible and deliverable. So it’s going to be more like…

A (very) Short Point and Click Adventure Game.

And I will use pixels to build the art, and the UI, and everything. But I will try to keep certain distance with the classics, just enough to define my style and design something that make sense today. So, that would be…

A Brand New, Fresh (and very) Short Point and Click Pixel Graphics Adventure Game. 

And that’s all I know so far!

From this point, I expect this to be an experiment