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Guillem Espías

Product Designer | Entrepreneur | Consultant

Based in Stockholm, educated in Manchester, original from Barcelona. Providing service to startups, companies and agencies in fields such as Fintech, Game Design, Fitness, and Music, among others.


We all know this mantra: Think big, dream big.

But what about thinking small? or even better: starting small. Will it change anything?

Of course! But who knows what.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It is obvious, since I don’t expect to be rich. I mean, I don’t play the lottery nor I expect to change everything with a revolutionary idea.

But I can start small, then stay small, and then we will see.

I know I can do it. I did it before.


The bass drum beats, then roll the snare! The bass line enters with strength. A some bizarre version is what comes next:

“A white house, a white room, the program of today. Lights on, switch on, your eyes are far away. The map represents you and the tape is your voice, follow all along you till you recognize the choice. I take pictures, photographic pictures: Bright light, dark roomI said I’d write a letter but I never got the time, and I’m looking to the day I mesmerise the light. The years I spend just thinking of a moment we both knew. A second boss looking into it seems it can’t be true.

Thanks to Vince Clarke.

P.S. You might want to have a look to my photos, here.